Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter goes live

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Nov 23rd, 2012

Kingdom Death has started their Monster Kickstarter campaign you’ve been hearing so much about.

From the campaign:

The Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter has launched!

Monster is a cooperative tabletop board game where you and your friends must survive and grow a tiny human civilization in spite of the terrible monsters that threaten to overwhelm your small settlement. Monster is played as a campaign. Over time, you will fight new, bigger monsters, develop your settlement and use what you scavenge to upgrade your survivors with new gear. Monster features all new designed miniatures to represent your heroes and monsters, including some incredible giant monsters and fully interchangeable armor kits to create tons of new combinations of survivors.

Currently, the Kickstarter is going incredibly well and nearing the second stretch goal. More goodies to come as the days unfold.

Check out the Kickstarter page and be sure to watch the Kickstarter video for an overview of the game.

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  • Nivanti

    Looks very interesting but 45$ postage to the uk, nope I don’t think so.

    • I am really sorry about the high international shipping fee. Currently I do not have any partners or distributors over seas that can help me fulfilling the rewards. So the price reflects a USPS Priority Mail package with international tracking. Just to give you an idea a 6lb box to france will cost $47.82 just for the label!

      I could get a cheaper rate by shipping things first class, but there is no tracking or insurance and that is just not acceptable to me.

      My hope is that towards the end of the campaign I can figure something out, but I cannot make any promises.

      The cost of shipping goods across the sea is just… sadly what it is and I logistically cannot afford to eat to much of its cost yet.

      Thank you for voicing how you feel. I do appreciate it!

      • Tre Manor

        Yes shipping is NOT a cost to attempt to absorb. I have learned that the hard way.

      • TylerT

        I would weigh that choice carefully. If any packages are lost with international shipping how much would the cost of replacements be? as a manufacture i’m guessing replacing that product would not cost terribly much, consider that against what you and all your bakers save with first class shipping?

        it is a choice to make carefully but it may be a moment where dealing with maybe a few lost packages could save everyone a mint.

        for really high priced pledges (200+ maybe?) go with insured shipping.

      • ravenburg

        Just to agree with Nivanti, at $45 shipping my interest was completely lost.

        Hope you guys can sort something out.

        • Haibane

          Certainly the shipping costs have given me second thoughts – almost double what the 2 Cmon kickstarters I pledged for had. From the amount of pledges so far though, why would they bother to reconsider?

          Will still be watching this with interest, as I’ve always liked the Kingdom Death figures. Just hope they steer clear of those weird breasty pregnant ones O__o

          • Veritas

            The problem though is that Kingdom Death doesn’t have the size that CMoN does as a business. CMoN can probably arrange postage discounts based on regular shipment volumes. I’m not saying it hurts any less as I have to pay for international post as well, but I can understand it. Like I said in another post on here, that’s why I’m happy I locked in at the Black Friday deal price as it takes some of the sting out.

          • Piston Honda

            keep in mind that CMoN took a huge hit. Almost double the shipping cost. I don’t think they were expecting shipping to hurt them that much.

          • puster

            Was that for international shipping of Zombicide, or for the “we ship from UK” deal that Sedition Wars made?

          • Piston Honda

            It was zombicide from what I have read. With sedition wars, shipping seemed to have been better executed.

            Not sure about Relic Knights. I just gave my friend 50 bucks for a starter set (he contributed). Wasn’t really interested in it. Game looks fun. The anime style is not my thing.

            Yes, I am a model snob.

          • They ended up paying about $56+ per box to ship internationally. Even at $45 I am eating some of the cost, but when doing my math I found that it was currently the limit I could afford.

            Shipping is, what it is. Not sure what will happen as the project continues but I am hoping I can get it down. It’s just not worth it to mess around with a non-trackable package. That would break my heart the most.

  • blkdymnd

    Looks like we may have a new largest grossing boardgame. That’s stupid how fast that’s gone up. I’m in.

  • Markheim

    Tremendous quality and presentation. I am impressed and inspired. Go get ’em, Monsters!

  • lordofexcess

    This isn’t going to go over 1 million, and I may live to eat my words on that, but I think these guys have a small but super loyal following. I don’t think it has the mass market appeal that Sedition Wars does, the minis are beautiful but their hallmark has been way odd, strange sculpts and I challenge anyone to decipher what the game is actually about. Its just a vehicle to produce their minis, which I applaud but the expectation that this will shatter all records is overly optimistic IMO.

    • Soulfinger

      I thought the game concept was plenty clear, but I will step up to your challenge, Lord of Excess. From what I can tell, the game is a cooperative board game where you try and preserve a human settlement against the horrors of some nightmarish land that’s Planet of the Apes meets H.P. Lovecraft meets boobs with humans two steps down from marshmallows on the food chain. You get resources from offing monsters, which you can use to craft better weapons/armor and upgrade your settlement. I love that you have to pry resources from this alien and desolate landscape. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Sure, I am unclear on the specifics if that is what you are fishing for, but I’ve bought games knowing much less, and I’d buy this one solely for the minis even if the concept didn’t rock my socks.

      Personally, I can’t see comparing this to Sedition Wars — that’s artsy apples and generic oranges. If anything, I would compare this to something from Soda Pop Miniatures. It’s a different aesthetic than their stuff, but it’s the same sort of non-traditional approach to miniature design. So yeah, there’s not the same mass market appeal that you get from games where the comments tend toward, “I can’t wait to convert these to Imperial Guardsmen,” but I think that there is a very receptive audience for this sort of game. I know that I will be buying into it as soon as finances allow, and I expect several friends to (none of us bought Sedition Wars). Everything about this game looks beautiful.

      • Veritas

        Yea, well I’ll take up your challenge on the conversion banter.

        I can’t wait to convert my extra Phoenix into a Lord of Change. 😉

  • Piston Honda

    I think it will break a million and beat SedWars. It has a few advantages over SedWars

    it will run about 15 days longer than SedWars

    Kickstarters are now getting more attention than ever before (with higher expectations, which could be bad)

    It has a loyal cult following

    will attract mini painters and gamers alike.

    I’m in for 400 bucks.

    Best case scenario I have a fun co-op game which are popular in my area.

    Worse case scenario, I can vulture someone on ebay.

    • Grindar

      It also had the disadvantage of running during the holidays. With xmas shopping I don’t have the spare dough I would have had in january to back them.

      • SirAngry

        It runs through to January Grindar.

      • vicg61

        Besides running through to Jan. 7th, I think as far as credit card payment through amazon goes, it likely won’t show up on account until the February billing cycle. At least that’s what I’m counting on!

        • Grindar

          assuming you hsve credit instead of just a debit card.

  • Veritas

    I’m an international customer in for a Deluxe Savior. That’s only because I was able to get the Black Friday special though. It gave me a +/- of $0 over the regular Deluxe Savior when factoring in shipping. I’m not sure the momentum will keep up once those deals are gone. (Hopefully they run through Cyber Monday to give more of a chance to the international community.) Also, the jump from the $140,000 stretch goal to the $200,000 stretch goal made me do a double take. The fact that they dropped in an extra at $185,000 made me relax a bit, but if the stretch goals start going up by really large increments this early I think that too will cause a lot of slowdown.

    However, I’m really hoping my misgivings are proven wrong as I want to see this crack $1 million.

    • Veritas

      I just noticed I was typing in “Deluxe Savior” over and over. I meant “Deluxe Survivor” of course. I was getting my wires crossed between this and the Relic Knights KS.

  • Nivanti

    Thank you KOD for your reply, I appreciate you looking at possible solutions to reduce the postage internationally.

    This game really does have a great story and million or not it will still be a very successful game and a great achievement for the KOD crew.


    • I am trying Nivanti!

      It’s really crazy how much of a balancing act this is and a lot can change as volume goes up. There is also the possibility of finding warehousing partners over seas so the product dosn’t all have to come to the states first.

      For right now, I am just covering my hide. Making sure that I personally if it comes to it, can afford everything, pack your box, pay the label and send it out the door fully confident it will arrive and be tracked in the case something accidental happens.

      Even at $45, I am still eating at least $11 in cost, potentially more.

      • TylerT

        not to mention that pick and pack is not free! even if you do it that is still work hours you are losing.

      • I’m thinking out loud, but perhaps using a 3PL company could help with your costs since they would already have warehousing and shipping set up you may be able to save (and they could even do the packing and labelling).

        A conservative estimate is 2000 units but you also want to distribute after the game is produced. So maybe you could make a deal for a shorter or longer term partnership with a 3PL.

  • SirAngry

    I’ve had a jokey bet with a friend that it will crack the $1m’s mark, but I think it’s a moot point. The game is funded and has already got to a phenomenal level in a short space of time. This Kickstart campaign has already been a HUGE success. Comparing it with Ogre, or Sedition Wars might be nice for us all, and give us something to talk about, but from a more realistic perspective I’d just say from here on out anything more is just gravy.

  • Daniel36

    The basic premise for the game is really cool, trying to build up a settlement. I always wondered why there weren’t more of those types of campaigns out.

    Colour me interested. I can’t back up but if it ever hits stores I am pretty sure I will be picking up a copy.

  • thetang22

    Im interested, but with a $155 entry level compared to the $100 entry level of Zombicide and Sedition Wars, it seems excessively priced.

    I like the idea of upgrading your characters and settlement, as well as it being co-op. I watched the video though, and it seems as though the rest of the game is a group of Survivors fighting only 1 monster at a time, arena-style. That sounds ok every once in a while, but seems like it would get boring really quick if it’s always that same format.

    Is there any exploration? Are there ever groups of enemies? Also, the style of Monster currently looks influenced from the less sexually vulgar releases from the KD line. Is that something we can expect the game to retain, or can we expect those types of minis to be included in this Kickstarter? The answers to these questions could convince me to consider backing.

    • blkdymnd

      Yeah, the reason I’m on board and pledged is because there’s no ‘wet nurse’ style models, hopefully it stays that way. I don’t find the price too excessive. It’s a 2’x3′ board in the contents, I’m hoping its the same material as the 1′ tile in the picture. They’re supposed to have a gameplay video up next week, so we should know more then

      • Piston Honda

        If they include a wet nurse, I am just going to sell it on ebay. It’s just too disturbing to me. Without dabbling too much into politics I think all speech should be protected no matter how disturbing or wrong it is. If I don’t like it I don’t have to buy. Nor should criticism of art or speech should be confused with silencing freedom of speech.

        • Veritas

          Actually, given the fact that Kickstarter canned Tentacle Bento over the parody of Japanese tentacle monsters I’m not sure they’d even allow the Kingdom Death KS to continue if the Wet Nurse reared it’s rather disturbing head.

          • Piston Honda

            true, although, from my understanding, bento was axed not because of its theme, but because the rise in backlash, in particular from some popular news sites and blogs.

            I’ve seen some very sexual explicit kick starters. such as this


            I thought when people sais turning everything into steampunk was going overboard was a exaggeration.

            perhaps they are right. =/

          • blkdymnd

            Wait, steam powered vib…. wouldn’t that kinda scald the no-no parts? 😀

          • Veritas

            I thought it was just one minor blogger for Wired who had some kind of vendetta with Kickstarter. That if there was anything for him to latch onto to attack Kickstarter he’d go with it because he didn’t manage to fund a personal project or something. Was there more?

          • Grindar

            That whole thing started as some article on Kotaku calling it a game celebrating rape, which snowballed. Of course anyone who’s played the game knows otherwise…

      • The Wet Nurse will not be included in this Kickstarter. I am not turning my back on her, but I understand peoples feelings and will respect that.