Kingdom Death: Monster Game Play Video Now Up On Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Dec 4th, 2012

Kingdom Death put up a little video on their Kickstarter campaign to give you a look into how the gameplay works.

From the update:

I forgot just how long video editing takes! This should give you a very solid idea of what to expect during the showdown phase of monster. Please excuse any editing / spelling mistakes as I worked on it like crazy to get it finished in time. I’ve been getting everyones messages and I LOVE it!

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  • Soulfinger

    I don’t know why I find the rigged die rolls so hilarious — “Yes! A natural ten” is just a perfect recreation of someone cheating during an actual game. The ‘splosion sound effects also earns beaucoup geek cred in my book.

    It all looks fantastic to me. I liked everything about it, although I am now curious how long the average game takes to play. When the white lion inevitably decapitates my guy, will it play out like being the first player eliminated in a game of Risk where you sit around for the next couple swiping people’s tokens from remote outposts while they aren’t paying attention and controlling migrant peanuts?

    • The population of your developing settlement basically equals your campaign “lives”. So if your survivor gets the ole head explosion, just decrease the population by 1 and get to gear up a new survivor for the next battle.

      The stats / abilities are about 95% gear based. So it won’t feel like starting from scratch. Although there are rewards for managing to keep one person alive for a long time, but its difficult.

      • Soulfinger

        Sweet! I like that a lot. You have really done a wonderful job with this game.