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Kingdom Death Kicks $700K and Unveils Spidicules

Kingdom Death has made it over $700k and keeps on rising on Kickstarter.
Note: they're getting into some nudity over there. Just so you know.

BOOOMM!!!! The 700k barrier has been shattered and we still have 19 days to go! Is this starting to get crazy or is it just me?!

Please welcome Spidicules! Chop of its legs, steal its egg sacks, start your own spider silk farm and chase your pets around the house! ( your real life pets, no sorry there are no pets in KDM as humans are you know… bottom of the food chain etc )

This Major Game Expansion includes everything you'll need to add Spidicules to your campaign and includes the new Spider Silk Armor Miniature Kit. Enough parts to make 2 unique male and 2 unique female models! The Expansion will retail for $65 and you can add it to your rewards by increasing your pledge by +$40.