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Kingdom Death June news

Kingdom Death showed us those previews yesterday. Here's their full June news release.

The new release:
Hello. May was a very busy month and we're kicking June off right with a handful of new releases, new materials, and a special birthday encore set. I hope you enjoy these new figures.

Beyond the Wall
A diorama piece exploring themes of vulnerability and fear of the unknown. Lokman Lam illustrated the scene and the model was brought to life by digital sculptor Hector Moran. The Beyond the Wall kit includes the base, the little wall and an alternate torso piece that does not have the chest plate.

Experiment of Death

As part of ongoing R&D the two most popular Kingdom Death figures (Wet Nurse & Pinup Twilight Knight) have been made into PVC plastic! To celebrate this new step we are releasing them together in a single box.

Forsaker 2.0
A brand new, amazing Forsaker sculpted by the masterful hands of Thomas David. Sadly, the original figure had several production problems that made it impossible to cast faithfully. My favorite detail of the new version are the teeth bared in rage nearly hidden in the open mouth of the Forsaker's mask!

Pinup Survivor
The pinup survivor is a playful re-imagining of the female survivor. Illustrated by Lokman Lam and was digitally sculpted by Stefano Pinna. The kit comes with an alternate head, in case you want her helm-less.

June is Adam's Birthday Month!

At the end of the month I will be turning 30. To celebrate I've made a special encore run of a few popular figures! 30 of each of the following have been added to the store: Flower Knights, Grand Mothers, Mothers, Survivor ( Female ) & Lion Knights! Thank you for being awesome fans and allowing me to continue the Kingdom Death vision into a new decade!

The Future

The project has been progressing at a pretty rapid rate. There is just a mountain of stuff that is not quite ready to reveal yet. There will be some form of a beta (of a game!), which will be paired with a way for fans to provide feedback and help create a great experience. Much more concrete information to share in August. In the meantime we'll be lining up new releases all summer.