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Kingdom Death December Releases

Kingdom Death is celebrating with 5 special holiday releases. They're so thankful for your support and encouragement that they want to share the love and some new characters and monsters they have kept under wraps:

From their website:

Male Survivor & Female Survivor

Survivor character class represents people ripped by trauma from their illusions of safety. Now marked with artifacts of the terrors they endured, Survivors are driven by vengeance, madness, grief or fear to overcome the nightmarish landscape that surrounds them.

The Forge Priest

The Forge Priests are the keeper of the massive factories that produce the weapons, armors, and steel wombs for Mothers of the Holy Lands.

The Flower Knight

Graceful and flowing with unearthly beauty their fragile appearance contradicts the precise brutality with which they serve their unknown purpose.

The Pinup Savior, a playful interpretation of the Savior character class.

Thanks again for your support of the Kingdom Death project. We hope you have a wonderful, warm holiday wherever you are. We send our well wishes to everyone for a happy and fruitful new year.