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King Tiger Available to Pre-Order From Warlord Games

Arguably the best tank deployed during the war, the King Tiger was feared by Allied tank commanders due to its formidable armor and ability to take out enemy takes at over 1.5 miles away. Lord only knows what would have happened if more had been produced, or if they hit the field earlier in the war. Well, you'll soon be able to bring them to your Bolt Action games, as Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for their kits.

From the announcement:

Within this kit, you have enough stunningly detailed plastic components to create 3 Tiger II tanks. Additionally, you can:

Equip your Tigers with either the Henschel turret or the rarer Porsche turret!
Have each tank with their own commander or have a closed hatch to protect the crew.
You also have the choice to give your Tigers’ schürzen!

Extras in the kit:

A detailed colour booklet providing instructions and painting guide.
Full-colour water slide decals.
A set of blast and damage markers.
A Bolt Action stat card for easier gaming accessibility!