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King of Storms RPG Up On Kickstarter

A thousand years ago, the gods and the titans fought for domination. One by one, they fell to each-others attacks. Their blood spilled out all over the ground. In the end, none were left. However, where their blood soaked into the ground, new beings were spawned. Those created from the gods' blood were creatures of perfection. Those created from the blood were strange and evil. Then there were is the third group, created from a mixing of the two types. They are the bloodless gorgons, half-titan and half-god. Now, the King of Storms' throne is ready for a new occupant. Only one can take that place. Who will it be?
That's the story behind King of Storms, a new gm-less RPG up on Kickstarter now.

Yes, GM-less. If everyone wants to play, they can all play. But that doesn't make King of Storms a cooperative game. No, everyone has their own goals and ambitions. So how do you make it so everyone doesn't just stab one-another? That's based in the player's choices, as well as the Praxis game system. Using the system, your characters are described in terms specific enough to give you direction, but vague enough so they're not always the same every time you start a game. This is, mechanically, done via dice, milestones, and trepidations. The milestones are what your character wants. The trepidations are what your character fears might happen. And the dice are what decides, during conflicts, which one will happen. Using those stats, your group will be able to collectively tell the story of what happens to their characters in this mythological world.

King of Storms is one of several Praxis games that are looking to be funded via the King of Storms Kickstarter. More stretch goals broken means more games are going to be made. And, considering they're closing in on 6x funded, you'll want to go check out the campaign. It's set to run for another 28 days.