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King & Kaiser Sourcebook for Grand Fleets Released

Aaaanchors aweigh, my boy! Aaaanchors aweigh!
Or, one you probably know more of the words to:
In the Navy you can sail the seven seas!

Either way, I hope I've got some song stuck in your head. Also to be stuck in your head (after you buy it and read it, that is), is the King & Kaiser sourcebook, which is the first one released by Majestic Twelve Games for the 3rd edition of Grand Fleets. It's available now.

This new book contains six scenarios for early-WWI fleet battles. You get to be in charge of 160 different types of ships, from over 50 different classes. Be your own Spee, Beatty, Hiper, or Jellicoe (just don't lose the whole war in one afternoon). Prove your mastery over the waves and send the other guy to Davey Jones' locker. (I might be mixing time periods here a bit).