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King Cat Board Game Coming To Kickstarter Soon

I wouldn't specifically say I'm a cat person. I'm certainly not against cats, though. They're fine. Mitten, the semi-feral cat for my apartment building, is nice. I feed her sometimes. But I certainly know of "cat people" (and I don't mean the Ninja Division type). I also know a couple "definitely not-cat people." If you're either, then King Cat might just be the board game for you. It'll be coming to Kickstarter soon.

About the game:

King Cat is a new board game in which Cat Lovers must attract the Cat inside their home, while Cat Haters must kick him out of the garden.

Bazooka, Mice Cake, Vacuum Blender, Inflatable Cat, Alien Kidnapping, Dark Ritual… are all part of the numerous tricks and powers that players have at their disposal to gain some control over the Cat and win the game.

Trick is, the Cat also has his word to say and can choose to ignore players or take his own action, like refusing to move at all.