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Kindle edition of Fear and Faith Horror Skirmish Rules available

Fear and Faith, the horror skirmish miniatures game, is now available for download onto your Kindle. Take it with you wherever you go!

From the release:

Fear and Faith, Ganesha Games' horror miniature rules covering anything from werewolves to zombies (skirmish level, about 5 to 15 single based miniatures per player, any scale, d6 only required, playable in any period), is now available on the Amazon Kindle store in Kindle format.
The text is a slightly revised version of the original PDF and print version. Typos were corrected, and weapons that for space reasons did not have an entry in the special rules section now have an individual entry (to clarify: No new weapons have been added. Those weapons that originally were summarized in the weapons table now have their own entry as a special rule).

Here's the back cover copy for a description of the rules:

All the monsters from man’s worst nightmares come alive in this set of fast-playing horror miniatures rules based on the Origins-nominated Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics.

Fight zombies, vampires, mad slashers, ghosts, werewolves, witches and other monstrosities straight out of the folklore and horror movies. Hunt for them - before they hunt YOU!

Fear and Faith includes:
rules for vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons and zombies
A tactical system where your decisions matter
Weapons like silver blades, stakes, chainsaws, shotguns, assault rifles, vials of holy water, grenades, SMGs and more
Game stats for characters from Victorian novels, researchers of the occult, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, minions of space gods, and the dread Zombie Elephant
6 scenarios and simple campaign rules
Full support through the Song of Blades Yahoo Group

In the following months, the two FF supplements (Ghostrangers and Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters) will be given the Kindle treatment.

A print edition in the popular 6x9 black and white Trade format will be available soon.