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Killer Bunnies Kickstarter posts new Stretch goals

Killer Bunnies keeps getting more and more funds in their Kickstarter campaign. As such, they've got another stretch goal for you.

From the campaign:

Our $20K Stretch Goal has been achieved! The Rulebook will include
an Alternate Ending! Not only can you enjoy KB Quest with the unique
Magic Carrot ending, but now you can play with a variant that has
never been published by Playroom. Every supporter will get this new
Alternate Ending in the Rulebook (in the pdf version and/or the
printed book). UPDATE: $20K Stretch Goal has been achieved!

Here is the $30K Stretch Goal - Yellow Ball with a Red Stripe!
Everyone at the $120 Level and above will receive an actual
3-dimensional Yellow Ball with a Red Stripe (from the Ominous Onyx
Booster Deck)!