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Kill Shakespeare funds, unlocks first stretch goal

IDW Games has made it up and over their funding goal as well as their first stretch goal total for Kill Shakespeare, their boardgame of bardic mayhem.
There's still 11 days left to get in on the action, though.
*exit, pursued by bear*


From the update:

We just broke $30,000 on the campaign and we're celebrating by unlocking the Upgraded board stretch goal! All backers will now receive the 2.5mm linen embossed board. Why do we think that's so important? It makes the game more durable, meaning you'll be playing for years to come.

With that goal unlocked we're ready to reveal a new unlockable goal. At $40,000 every kickstarted copy of the game will include a mini-quest expansion. This quest-line will prominently feature "Puck" aka "Robin Goodfellow". The text for the expansion will be written by Kill Shakespeare co-creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery.