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Kickstarter Preview for Blackout: Journey Into Darkness Posted

Todd Broadwater, who had a hand in making such games as Fallout3, Oblivion and XCOM, is now working on his own tabletop board game. Blackout: Journey Into Darkness is a new dungeon-crawler board game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The Event has left the surface world filled with dangerous creatures. Civilization has headed underground into reinforced bunkers with all the amenities of home, in order to protect themselves. But resources are growing scarce as time goes on, and humanity must once more venture into the cities in search of the necessities to live.

Blackout contents

The game can be played a couple different ways, depending on how you feel at the time. You can either play with some players playing the heroes, while a game master player is in control of all the baddies. But you can also go 100% coop with your gaming session. As such, there's also solo play mode available, in case everyone else is busy, but you've just gotta get your gaming on (that does sometimes happen).

In the Box

The basic box will include 23 minis, a rulebook, 20-page campaign book, various debris, objective, and status counters, double-sided room and hall tiles, 6 ten-sided dice, and all the stat cards for the heroes, enemies, items, and events for the game.