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Kickstarter Launch Date Announced For Anno Domini 1666

Preparation beats expiration, in any form. So having all your ducks in a row and a plan for what's coming up is important. If you're wanting to get in on the upcoming game Anno Domini 1666, that plan includes knowing when the campaign launches on Kickstarter. Well, that will be May 15th. So you've got just a couple weeks left to wait.

From the announcement:

As promised, we have an important announcement to make: our crowdfunding campaign launches on May 15th. Actually, there will be two campaigns: one on Kickstarter, and one on - the biggest Polish crowdfunding platform. Pledges made on both platforms will be pooled together to unlock Stretch Goals. We will need to do this manually, which means a lot of extra work, but we believe it will be worth it. After all, we’re making a game featuring characters from some of best-known Polish novels. We simply owe it to our Polish supporters to provide a ‘local’ way to participate in our campaign.

Please spread the word, and let your friends know about our game. Invite them to like our fanpage and cosider supporting us. There are more than two weeks left before the campaign starts and we have lots of exciting news to share during that time. We promise you will not be bored.