Kickstarter Interview – Folding Gaming Tables with Jeffrey Jones

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 4th, 2014

Talk Wargaming has a conversation with Folding Gaming Tables creator Jeffrey Jones about his Kickstarter project.


From the interview:

If you saw our This Week on Kickstarter article from last week, then you may already be aware of a project by Jeffrey Jones which is currently seeking funding. His Folding Gaming Tables offer a versatile and sturdy alternative to standard fixed gaming tables. The perfect solution to those who do not have the space for a large sized permanent gaming tale.
I caught up with Jeffrey to discuss his project in some more detail.

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  • ravensworth

    This seems like a great idea until you look at what he says the material costs are. To build a 4×6 table. If you use a decent 1/2 or 3/4 plywood I just don’t see how it can be this expensive. The hardware costs should be minimal. Kinda shocked at his quote so I posted an FAQ but got no response. Curious what he is using. I think I will back it jet to get a material list.

  • Piston Honda

    It’s not just plywood with legs though.

    Depending on what type of wood he is using, I assume domestic, is 4 to 8 dollars a square board.

    Quality caster wheels, especially with locks will run you 20 to 25 bucks (per wheel) at the home store.

    Screw don’t cost much.

    But factor in cost of wood, plywood for the surface, felt/fabric for the surface, caster wheels, oil or varnish and the amount of labor that goes in on this, the price seems to be right on the nose.

    I am speaking as a wood worker myself.

    I sold dining room tables from $1,000 to $10,000

    Most people can’t afford it. Then again, my stuff is not particle board with faux wood grain mass produced in China sold at wal mart.

    • ravensworth

      Cost for a completed table I would agree. He is quoting $200.00 dollars just for material costs. I built my folding table with a piano hinge in the center and using 1/2″ finished plywood it cost me less than $100.00. My dad was a master cabinet maker and I learned from him. I appreciate that this is not just a plywood table and 2×4’s but I still think the material cost is high and his quote does not include felt or metal backing. Like I said I am buying the plans because I see some good ideas. I just think he needs to examine his estimated DIY cost and he would sell more plans.
      I am not criticizing the quality as the table looks great. Just want him to succeed more by making people know a table can be affordable.

  • Piston Honda

    200 dollars for material cost is not a lot of money depending on the type of wood.

    Does he state what type of would that would be used?