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Kickstarter Drive for Four Colour Studio’s new game ‘Ghosts of Hefei’ to begin 01 April 2013

Four Colour Studio will be launching their Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter project at the start of next month.
No foolin'.

From the announcement:

Four Colour Studios is proud to announce that the Kickstarter drive for their latest game, Ghosts of Hefei will start on 01-April-2013.

Ghosts of Hefei is a miniature based skirmish game, set in the 2070’s where human fabricated simulants, or fabricants, now fulfil many roles in society. The Chinese city of Hefei is now a great factory town, where the human population is dwarfed by the millions of fabricants surrounding them. In this empty city, criminal gangs violently compete for money and fabricants as they are a lucrative prize in the global black market. Our players will lead their gangs to success and riches, while avoiding the many pitfalls that this entails. This is the Godfather in a dark, cyberpunk future.

Ghosts of Hefei will be released as a full colour PDF and print rulebook, and for the first time Four Colour Studios will be commissioning a full range of miniatures to support our game. These will be released with the rule book, and offered in both 15mm and 28mm scales.

Ghost of Hefei has been created by the same team that successfully Kickstarted The Department, also available from Four Colour Studios, and involves the same personnel who made that project a success. Scott Pyle has been commissioned to further refine the goal-system based rule set, Joe Dragovitch continues in his role as Creative Lead, and Kieran Mathers returns to provide the in-game fiction. Renowned French sculptor PF has been retained to create our miniatures, and examples of what we aim to achieve are available on our website.