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Kicking Butts and Taking Names on Kickstarter

KBaTN (short for Kicking Butts and Taking Names) is a new diesel-punk RPG up on Kickstarter with an emphasis on ranged combat.



From the campaign:

This specific RPG will focus very heavily on combat. I have made a combat system based off of your range from the target, so it works really well with guns and ranged weapons. Stuff like that.

This game was designed to be in a diesel punk type setting (think Mad Max), but there is by far enough breathing room to make it for almost any genre (if you don't take yourself too seriously).

There will be a number of classes, each with a specific class skill they can use. Every level after the first, they gain a skill point. You can put them into a skill on one of their 3 skill trees. This makes it so that each class has a variety of ways they can be used. Each player can make their character how THEY want it.