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Khurasan releases Thirty Year's War cuirassiers with closed helms

Khurasan expands their Thirty Year's War line with Cuirassiers with Closed Helms. You know, I've been inside a helmet like they've got on. You really can't see much. I can't imagine actually going to battle like that on foot, let alone being on the back of a horse. I can all but guarantee I'd fall off and break my neck long before I made it to the enemy's lines.


From the release:

We are very pleased to expand our 15mm/18mm Thirty Years War range with a set of closed helm cuirassiers, wearing a mix of barred and deaths-head visors.

The nine unique poses are shown in the image, but a few are doubled up to make twelve.

These were worn by the Germans, although they were not quite as popular as the ubiquitous zischagge helmet, but they were widely worn by other European cuirassiers, such as Italians and horsemen from the Low Countries. As these men made up the majority of cavalry in the Spanish armies in Italy and Northwest Europe, they are perfect for the heavy horse for the Later Imperial Spanish.

Cuirassier equipment used in the English Civil War was often imported from the continent and so these would be suitable for some units in that conflict too.

In other news, we are working to get the rest of the Testudo range back into the market, but have to be patient as our mouldmakers and painters finish up the job!