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Khurasan releases post-apoc giant lizard and power armour command/weapons

Khurasan Miniatures has some new giant lizards as well as power armor command/weapons available over in their webshop.

From the release:

We are very pleased to release our latest codes for our very popular End Times range, a Government Forces command and weapons set and one of the largest creatures in the neo-fauna of the End Times, a lizard called the Mojave Pilgrim.

The fascistic Government Forces are pure-strain humans bent on destroying all mutation on the blighted world above their subterranean fortress-bases—which means basically everyone else! By popular demand we have made a second set of these high-tech terrors in their power armour. It’s composed of a commander and two weapons specialists, one with a heavy burner and the other with a powerful laser capable to battling the most dangerous threats.

Any list of those most dangerous threats would surely include the Mojave Pilgrim, so named because once it has eaten its way through all the prey in its zone, it will leave the Mojave Desert and migrate east, often thousands of miles, in search of food. Its enormous bulk provides an internal heat source that keeps it active even in the colder climes of the east. In its tail it concentrates the poisons from the many toxic life forms it eats, and can spit these toxins in a frightful barrage.

This is an all-resin kit and as can be seen in the comparison to the 15mm fantasy models is quite large, big enough to be huge in 28mm or even larger scales. It’s only two pieces so is quite simple to assemble. We are cross-marketing it in our fantasy range as the Great Lizard of Zort. We decided to have the lizard made with a stubby armoured tail like a Spiny Tailed Lizard, to prevent the usual long lizardy tail from complicating the model’s transportation and table space.

Both are available now, at the link below. Thanks for looking!