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Khurasan releases Paranormal BI

Khurasan released some X-ceptional new minis. They're agents for the Paranormal Bureau of Investigations.


From the release:

Whenever something weird and unsolved gets sent to the Bureau, it gets forwarded to these two, Serval Mildew and his skeptical partner Ginger Starbuck. With a name like Serval Mildew, you're going to attract a lot of weird cases....
Here they are in their typical confrontation posture -- Serval attempting to reason with the paranormal being/phenomenon, Ginger backing him up, ready to send it back to whatever dimension in came from.

15mm Paranormal BI agents sculpted by Tom Meier, painted by Jen Haley. These are perfect for many real world encounters as well -- Serval is in the perfect pose to "keep him talking" whilst the SWAT marksman gets into position.