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Khurasan releases more War of the Spanish Succession codes

Khurasan gets back to their Historicals line with the release of new War of Spanish Succession units.


From the release:

We are very pleased to release the latest codes in our 18mm War of the Spanish Succession range -- the Bourbon Spanish infantry and high command for the French.

First up we have four French marshals or general officers -- the one on the left is modeled after Villars and has his sword up over his head, which is not evident due to the angle of the photo. These could no doubt be used for general officers of other nations as well as there was little choice in terms of the dress of general officers in the period.

Next we have the core of the Bourbon Spanish army -- the infantry. These were good troops, making up the majority of the Bourbon forces in Spain, where they more than held their own against the Grand Alliance.

There are two batches -- those with the shoulder ribbons with which the troops began the war and those following the later regulations which dropped the shoulder ribbon.

(Flags not included.) Note that the early Spanish Fusileros can also be used as French fusiliers toward the end of the War of the League of Augsburg, and the later Spanish Fusileros can be used as WSS French with their cravat not tucked in.

Next up will be Bourbon Spanish line cavalry and artillery, and early Dutch infantry in informal tricornes. Following those will be later Dutch infantry in tricornes, Dutch artillery, Dutch cavalry, and Spanish and Dutch high commanders. And we have just started the "rosbifs!" Austrians will eventually round out the main forces and then we will go back and fill in the main armies and make some minor forces.

The Spanish infantry and French high command are available now, at the link below. Sculpted by Mike Broadbent, painted by Rafa