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Khurasan releases four 15mm fantasy sets by Tom Meier

Khurasan is pleased to be releasing several fantasy miniatures sets by the great Tom Meier. There's several adventurers as well as an evil flame demon to fight them.
The minis in the photos are painted by the Crystal-Brush-Winning Marike Reimer.


From the release:

We're very pleased to release four new sets of 15mm fantasy figures by legendary sculptor Tom Meier, unveiled on a new store page dedicated solely to his sculpts.

The four sets are three batches of fantasy adventurers (one of which is shown here), and a huge, terrifying flame demon which would also be suitable as a 28mm demonic character.

There's also a master pack of all three adventurer sets at a reduced price. Just in time to make a perfect stocking stuffer! More details on the webstore.

We thank Tom for allowing us to use his name, and also thank Marike Reimer for her invaluable assistance in demonstrating just how fine the details on these models are. Her paintjobs are stunning.