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Khurasan releases 28mm Sabre Tank

Khurasan has released their new sci-fi 28mm Sabre Tank over in their webshop.


From the release:

We are back from our holiday hiatus and have a new model for you -- it's the latest in our range of 28mm sci fi vehicles, the Federal Sabre Light/Medium Tank.

This vehicle can be seen as an equivalent to the Walker Bulldog of the 1950s to 70s -- a bit smaller than a medium tank although still able to fight them (just as the Walker Bulldog was able to successfully engage the T-55 in combat) whilst having a dominating influence over light armour in combat. With a plasma cannon as its main armament, for defence against close assault it also mounts two grenade launchers, and may also mount a smaller caliber weapon on its cupola ring. (The ring mounted weapon and several crewmen for the hatch will be made later this year.)

The vehicle is still widely used by the Federal Army, and indeed some have been retrofitted with an anti-grav upgrade pack. These retrofitted anti-grav vehicles will be separately released if this model is well-received. The Sabre hull also serves as the basis for the Scythian Heavy Cannon System, a dual-purpose vehicle which may be used either for artillery support or, in a direct-fire role, as a potent hunter of mecha or superheavy tanks. The Scythian, in both standard tracked drive or retrofitted with anti-grav drive, will be released later this year. (These vehicles have all been printed in 15mm scale as well and are now at the casters.)

The kits are very well cast, with only minor casting gates to remove, which are thin and come right off with wirecutters or other snips, then a bit of sanding or filing. When I cleaned this kit for the painter some of the gates just snapped right off in my fingers! The turret traverses, the gun elevates and the commander's hatch may be posed opened or closed.