Khurasan releases 15mm spaceship

Khurasan Miniatures are now selling copies of their Tribal Class DPLS spacecraft miniature.

Tribal Class DPLS

From their announcement:

The Tribal Class DPLS (dual purpose light spacecraft) is the most widely used light interstellar spacecraft in the galaxy. With little effort, the “Bulldog” (the popular nickname of the spacecraft due to the appearance of the cabin) can be configured to perform an impressive variety of roles. It is used by the Federal Navy as a strike craft for fleet combat as well as ground attack, as a dropship to land grunts in the action, as a resupply craft or as a transport for fleet dignitaries, the DPLS is just as often used commercially as a freighter or passenger shuttle, and in the clutches of pirates it is a formidable threat to the shipping lanes. Even when its wingtip heavy laser cannons are dismounted, the craft still has some residual firepower from its missile turret.

The Tribal-class DPLS is a 15mm (1/100th) scale model spaceship – with a wingspan of 170mm, it’s the largest single 15mm scale wargaming miniature we have ever made and, we suspect, one of the largest anyone has. It can be assembled in a number or different configurations. The wingtip heavy laser cannons can be installed, or left off with wingtip covers installed instead (both are included). It has a flight stand and landing gear that can be depicted either up or down, and the vessel can be removed from the flight stand. It also comes with the standard cargo pod which is used when the vessel operates as a dropship, passenger transport or freighter, and this can be attached or left off. The flight stand plugs into the cargo pod, and the cargo pod plugs into the vessel. Or the cargo pod can be removed and the flight stand plugged directly into the vessel. The exit ramp can also be depicted opened or closed.

We designed the vessel for Terran Federal service, but with a definite intergalactic attitude. We think it would look great as an alien craft as well, ramp opening, smoke billowing out, to disgorge strange visitors from another world.
Rapid prototyped and rendered by Mark Mondragon, physical copy painted by Neldoreth.