Khurasan releases 15mm Flamethrower Bug Monster

Khurasan Miniatures have added a 15mm Flamethrower Bug Monster to their range of sci-fi miniatures and vehicles.

Flamethrower Bug

From their announcement:

Burrowing up from the depths is our newest sci fi bug, the Parasachnid Ogre Beetle. It’s a truly huge creature with one highly evolved set of legs acting as “gun doors” for a bio-flamethrower spout on its thorax. The Ogre Beetle will give new tactical depth to swarms of our very popular Parasachnid models.

It’s big enough to operate as a bio tank in 15mm scale sci fi battles.

As a matter of fact, whilst purportedly for 15mm gaming, it is quite big and menacing to 28mm scale models as well.
Rapid prototyped by Mark Mondragon and painted by Chris Yaro. Available now. It’s listed with our Pelagic Dominate line of miniatures, and also on our 15mm generic sci fi vehicles page.