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Khurasan releases 15mm American police

Khurasan expands their 15mm modern line (with a lean towards zombies) with their new American Police.

From the announcement:

We are very pleased to release our latest pack of 15mm modern combatant figurines, Modern American Police Officers.
This set of figurines is the first in a series of modern law enforcement, perfect for modern urban combat. These are in street patrol uniforms and using weapons they might have in their police cruisers, responding to a crime (or to a zombie outbreak!).

They are here painted by Dags, to represent officers of the New York City Police Department, but could serve as any U.S. police officers, as the uniform is not all that different.

We already have had a set of British Police Firearms Unit made and are waiting for the production castings, then if the first releases are well received, we will certainly make more.

These are available now, at the link below. Happy gaming!