Khurasan release The Savannah Lords

Khurasan Miniatures have expanded their 15mm Mystri Island Pulp range with new Savannah Lords miniatures, huge crocodilians mounted on wooly rhinos.

  • Savannah Lords — Superheavy Crocodilian Lancers (set of six) $8.99
  • Savannah Lord Chieftain with Rhino, and totem replacement for lance(one chieftain, one rhino, one totem standard) $1.99


From their website:

On the savannah in North-Central Mystri Island, it is not safe to venture forth, for the great Savannah Lords are hunting.

As big as ogres, mounted on mighty wooly rhinos, the Savannah Lords are tribal Crocodilians may appear to be a throwback to the primeval past, but they are a terrible danger to present explorers as well, as is well known by Janice Prishwalken and Richard Smith-Grenville. Of all the sentients on Mystri Island, only the Reptilian Hunters and the elusive Salamen have made a pact with these arrogant and brutal Lords, and together these forces sometimes march, under Savannah Lord command, in alliances called by the humans on the island the “Herpetile Confederation.”

The Savannah Lords are available in two packs, one with six riders in three poses and six rhinos in two poses, the other with a commander and a totem bearing the skull of some ancient beast, which can serve as a replacement for the savannah lance carried by one of the lancers in the basic pack.