Khurasan release He-Who-Kills

Khurasan Miniatures have released He-Who-Kills, a 15mm T-rex miniature.


From their website:

Living in the deepest jungle in the center of Mystri Island is a gargantuan flesh eating monster called “He-Who-Kills” by the Reptilian Hunters, who venerate him like a god. Held in dread by all, this titanic creature is the apex predator on the island, towering above all, a deadly hunter who knows no fear.

The model includes a large heavy base and depicts He-Who-Kills in his characteristic attack stance. As one foot is off the ground, a tree branch has been included which can be postioned near the body for greater stability. However, in our opinion it is not needed — the model is seven ounces of solid pewter and it stands up well on one leg!