Khurasan release Early Medieval Swiss

Khurasan Miniatures have released a range of 15mm Early Medieval Swiss miniatures.

From their website:

Every effort has been made to provide Early Swiss models with the correct weapon shapes and dress. Halberds have the right blades and the daggers are the unique “schweizerdolch.” Our basic packs represent the Swiss from the beginning of their campaigns of independence and conquest until the sallet became more popular, and Swiss halberd design evolved, in the early 15th century. The most common headgear was the “war hat,” a wide brimmed open faced helmet, as well as simple metal caps, and starting in the mid-14th century, the bascinet, which had a vaguely bullet-like shape.

We package our basic models with the warhat and steel cap, for those who wish to build the earliest armies, before the adoption of the bascinet. For those who want to build armies from the mid-14th century on, there is a Bascinet Booster Pack, several of the same basic poses but with head swaps to give them the bascinet. Mix a few of those booster packs in with the basic packs to make an army perfect for Sempach or Arbedo. (The warhat was the most popular Swiss helmet all the way up to the early 16th century.)

The range consists of:

  • Early Swiss Halberdiers (x 12) $6.99
  • Early Swiss Pikemen (x 12) $6.99
  • Early Swiss Crossbowmen (x 12, pavises sold separately) $6.99
  • Swiss Command (x 4, knight, hero, hornplayer and standardbearer, flag not provided) $2.39
  • Early Swiss Pavises (x 6, crossbowmen sold separately — you must supply your own wire supports) $2.99
  • Early Swiss Bascinet Booster Pack (x 20: 1 standardbearer pose x1, 1 crossbow pose x3, 1 pikeman pose x4, two halberdier poses x 6) $10.99
  • Early Swiss Halberdier Battlegroup for Field of Glory (12 bases, 48 figures from KM2000)