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Khurasan release Assault of the Fungoids

Khurasan Miniatures have released the first figures in their Assault of the Fungoids series of 15mm pulp/sci-fi figures. Assault of the Fungoids From their website:
Up from the earth they came, they did, tired of the humans picking them, gobbling them up. It was time for the humans to be picked. So extremely toxic were the Fungoids that one touch was all that was necessary to kill an adult in seconds. And their brute strength was something to be reckoned with. But the terror did not stop there, no sir, for a squad of Fungoid infantry could stop, strain a little, and emit a fast-drifting powder from their caps which, if inhaled, horribly transformed the victim ... into a Fungoid! Models are between 12mm and 25mm tall (or so). Sculpted by Iain Colwell.