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Khurasan release Armies of the Molch-Vornid War

Khurasan Miniatures have released a new set of 15mm sci-fi figures, that they are branding with some of their existing 15mm ranges, in a range called the Armies of the Molch-Vornid War. Armies of the Molch-Vornid War From their website:
The Molch Vornid War is a local conflict on a world far away from the Federation, between psychic and telekinetic creatures, the peacful but unbearably hideous Molch, and weird, ruthless botanoids, the Vornids. The Vornids have invaded the Molch homeworld and are hellbent on exterminating the inhabitants, but whilst the Molch may be peaceful and intellectual creatures, they have no intention on allowing themselves to be exterminated. The Molch that most sentients experience strolling the surface of the planet are actually extensions of one (or a few) vast subterranean beings, generated by the Molch Essence as living "probes" to gather experience, although the individual extensions are very much alive, and each has its own unique personality. To assist themselves in seeking human help, they have generated vaguelyhumanoid extensions of the Molch corporate entity, the Molch Emissaries. These act as liaisons between the Molch and the humans who are their staunchest allies, for the Molch are so hideous that exposure to them is invariably madness-inducing. The Molch also have their mighty stone goliaths, the enormous Defender-constructs, to assist them in close combat.