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Khurasan release 15mm Salamander Men

Khurasan Miniatures have added a series of 15mm Salamander Men to their Mystri Island pulp range. Salamen mounted From their website:
In the vast, steaming swamps of the Mystrian Interior, the most mysterious members of the Herpetile Confederation dwell -- the Salamen, wading silently through the mire in pursuit of prey. Unlike the Reptilian Hunters their hunts do not range across the face of Mystri Island. And unlike the hulking Savannah Lords, they do not pounce on any force foolish enough to enter their domain. But if you penetrate their swamps, they will be there, silently watching. Visitors who do not molest the sanctuary of the Salamen are left unharmed, but those who do damage to the Salamen villages or their livelihood meet swift and deadly retribution, from poisoned arrows or javelins flying with deadly accuracy from the dark recesses of the jungle, or sudden attacks from young Salaman braves mounted on huge predatory birds, flightless but capable of great speed on the ground.