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Khurasan release 15mm Mekanoid War Robots

Khurasan Miniatures have added several packs of 15mm figures and vehicle in their new Mekanoid War Robots series of miniatures. Mekanoid Dragoon Gunbots From their website:
Invaders from beyond the rim of the galaxy, the Mekanoids are intelligent, sentient robots which have been gouging a trench across the Milky Way, building some sort of network of planets through which a mighty channel of data flows, to what end it is presently unknown. When one of the great Mekanoid Sphere-ships materializes in orbit around a planet, it is doomed, for all life ("bio-contaminants") will be systematically destroyed, and the once thriving world will be shaped into nothing more than a node in the Mekanoid Network. Against organized "bio-contaminant" resistance, the Mekanoids will teleport their mainline war units into the battle: the bipedal Grenadier infantrybot and the centaur-like Dragoon cannonbot. Hovering overhead, supporting these with heavy and mobile firepower, are the dreaded Hatchet gunships, sentient machines that pour firepower into targets from above.