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Khurasan re-releases 15mm T-62 kit with improvements

Khurasan certainly listens when customers have troubles with their kits. People were apparently having problems with the wheels in the tracks of their T-62 tank, so they took it out of production for a while to figure out a way to solve the issue. Well, the kit is back with new pewter wheels. This should make clean-up of the track sections much easier. The set is available again over in their webshop.


From them to you:

We've finally re-released our popular T-62, which is once again available on both our Cold War Soviet and our Yom Kippur War store pages.

I was particularly pleased by this kit and the way it captures the distinctive shape of the turret front of the T-62. This vehicle is unjustly maligned, some saying it was just a stepping stone between the T-55 and the T-72. In fact, in addition to its well-known role in the Yom Kippur War, the T-62 was the mainstay of the Soviet forces in Germany throughout the 60s and early 70s and saw action in many other wars since then, such as the war in Afghanistan (where it was the heaviest tank fielded, the T-72 not being used in that war), the Russian incursion into Georgia in 2006 and even the current Syrian Civil War, more than a few of the tanks in Syrian inventory being T-62s.

The kit's re-release was delayed by an improvement based on customer input -- we're very pleased to report that the track lengths are now cast in pewter. We got lots of feedback about the cleanup of the resin between the wheels on the initial release kits, so we have had the lengths redone in pewter.

By the way, the T-55 kit is now being supplied with pewter track lengths as well. Available now!