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Khurasan preview the Octopus God

Khurasan Miniatures have posted a preview of their upcoming 15mm Octopus God miniature.

From their website:
Here's an upcoming model for my 1930s eldritch horror line. He's just an unassuming chap here to end the world, whom we like to call the Octopus God. He's all resin, doesn't come with the 50mm base (sorry) and we think he's about 75mm tall, but we're not sure as we're s little afraid to measure him.

His hand appears rather large in the first image. They're not small, mind, but in that particular photo it's forced perspective.

Coming soon.

"Spacejacker" did the paintup. In one image you can see him standing next to an octopus god cultist high priest (15 mil remember).