Khurasan preview 15mm Control Battalions

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Feb 5th, 2011
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Khurasan Miniatures have updated their blog with photos and background details of the 15mm Control Battalion miniatures.

Control Battalion miniatures

From their website:

After failures using various alien mercenaries to control the rebellious population of Sepulveda 7, and so that the incredibly valuable extraction of Angravium would continue unabated, the overlord of the Jo-eli Freehold, Jellina Jol-i I, decided to genetically craft her own soldiers. For this she used the vast resources of Sepulveda to oppress its own population — the staggering wealth derived from the planet’s huge stores of Angravium financed the scientific and medical research necessary to forge a race of supersoldiers from a witch’s brew of human and alien DNA.

  • LaughingFerret

    I love these! I have a backlog of 15mm sci-fi to get done, and feel guilty I have half a dozen I keep adding too and can’t quite commit to just one or two armies to really develop, and Khurusan is doing it to me again- I am going to have to get some of these!

    This hits exactly what I want out of 15mm sci-fi: science fiction with just a pinch of pulp.