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Khurasan Miniatures Reopens

Khurasan Miniatures is back open for business. You can once again get their historical and sci-fi minis via their webshop. All orders from before the close should be taken care of, but if yours wasn't, be sure to contact them and they'll be happy to find out what happened.


From the announcement:

Hi all, thanks very much for your patience with the store closure as I got my home repairs done, and your forbearance with order fulfillment delays as that occurred. The store is now reopened.

Some people were concerned that lines were being trimmed, but that's not the kind of renovation that was happening! Everything available before the store closed is available again now. All the historical and sci fi ranges are back open and awaiting your orders.

In fact, we have a new range for ECW/Renaissance models for you today -- the Wars of the Three Kingdoms Scots. I'll make a separate post about that.