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Khurasan Miniatures releases the first of their new Meso-Nai line

Khurasan Miniatures has the first two releases for their Meso-Nai line of sci-fi aliens (that is to say, the Meso-Nai are sci-fi aliens).

From the release:

We're pleased to release the first two codes of our extremely xenophobic salamandroids, the Meso-Nai. The first code is Reach Force troopers in power armour, five models in unique poses.

The second code is a Reach Force Sectionmaster and a Photon cannoneer, the heavy weapon of the section, a versatile weapon that, depending on the setting, can unleash a storm of small bursts, or one mighty burst powerful enough to break a tank tread.

They are available now.

All Meso-Nai wear power armour when outside their equally heavily protected vehicles. There are four vehicles to start -- two variants of the
Grampus superheavy APC and two variants of the Hellbender tank. These vehicles place almost their entire emphasis on protection, the Grampus having armour as heavy as a Siler, and the Hellbender even heavier! They are virtually featureless, even sensor arrays being smooth hemispheres.

As the Meso-Nai are amphibious and have a slight preference for aquatic environments, their vehicles reflect that mindset, and surface detailing resembles a submarine rather than a tank -- the vehicles in fact appear to be broad squat submarines!

If there is sufficient interest in the line, we may have their core lance complex designed -- machines planted on a targeted planet to interfere with the planet's magnetosphere and thus render the planet uninhabitable. It would be the central lance itself, bolted onto the surface of the planet, then guard towers with cannon stations manned (salamandered?) by Meso-Nai.

When all of the other sentients put aside their considerable differences to deal with the Meso-Nai menace, they found once they made planetfall on Cripto-Branq, the Meso-Nai homeworld, that a surprising proportion of the population still lived in savagery. These stone age tribes were seen as especially devout worshippers of their god, Urodela, and thus revered by the Meso-Nai who had chosen the path of civilisation -- a sort of holy innocent. These fought with special savagery against the invaders. Accordingly our codes of Salamen can be used as savage Meso-Nai, as they are physically identical to the Reach Force troopers.

Stay tuned for updates on the line!