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Khurasan Miniatures goes adventuring

Khurasan has released some new 15mm fantasy adventurer miniatures over in their webshop.


From them to you:

We are very pleased to release the first in what will be multiple sets of 15mm models for dungeon or other high fantasy adventure gaming -- a set of Fantasy Adventurers.

TOP ROW: Gazenflamme the Wizard; Eäring the female Half-Elven Mage; Thrilmi the Dwarf fighter; Super Nige the hardbitten hireling and his son, Half Nige; BOTTOM ROW: Mildu Shortstuff, Halfling rogue; Muskelberg the Barbarian; Treviloziti the Gnome Illusionist; Inthewë, Elven fighter; Britnee von Spearmaiden, female barbarian; RIGHT SIDE (of course): Sir Eptishus the Knight

Steve Dean has done a great job painting these very characterful models. Available now!