Khurasan announce new 15mm sci-fi range

Khurasan Miniatures have announced a new series of 15mm sci-fi figures.

From their announcement:

I’m pleased to introduce a significant new range sculpted by a talented and proven sculptor, coming from Khurasan this Spring: The Chewks

The Chewks are indigenous to the deserts of Sepulveda 7. They can best be likened to small shrimp-like humanoids, perhaps 3.5 to 4 feet tall. Clothing is simple but adequate for protection from the desert elements a heavy hooded cloak from which only their face appears. They are an ancient and noble race, but like the human Bedouin they can be honourable or devious depending upon the potential for reward.

Thus they have a reputation as desert raiders, travelling under the sands in huge drill-like craft which suddenly emerge from the ground to spill out Chewk raiding parties.

Whilst their weapons appear primitive they are incredibly effective. They use single shot, bolt action rifles which are muzzle-loaded but triggered by a breech held reaction, and whilst slow to fire, this weapon has an extremely powerful fusion round.

They also use machine gun type weapons of the same type, mortars, and a large tube fired round for anti-armour work, the ‘Chewkzooka’. For heavy firepower they rely on the fusion cannons mounted on the drill, but sometimes these can be found on wheeled carriages pulled around the battlefield by Cheekamels, basically huge sand fleas.

The Chewk range consists of 29 different poses. The miniatures are approximately 12mm tall and are being sculpted by the same sculptor as the Karks.

  • Four shooting, four advancing, four prone,
  • Four Chewkbomber poses (two mortar teams),
  • Four Chewkzooka bugs (two missile launcher teams),
  • Four Chewkgunners (two heavy blaster teams),
  • Two commanders (one advancing one semi-prone),
  • Two Chewkcannon gunners (artillery gun crew),
  • One Chewkamel attendant (bug holding reins of large beast of burden that pulls the chewk cannon).