Khador Gun Carriage preview

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jan 14th, 2011

Privateer Press have posted a preview, including 360 degree panorama, of the Khador Gun Carriage War Engine.

From their website:

A weapon platform that can deliver death and ruin to nearly any part of the battlefield, the Khador gun carriage is a rolling engine of destruction. Its dual cannons can blast apart enemy warjacks, shatter troop formations, or transform the earth into a crater-scarred wasteland. Their resounding thunder often heralds Khadoran victory on the battlefield. Even without its mighty guns the massive machine can easily shatter through enemy lines and trample foes beneath tons of iron and horseflesh.

  • Brant

    Did we know the price before? At $85 it makes me wonder how many people will actually fork over the money…

  • txMaddog

    People pay $90 for a banebalde or stompa from that other company. 🙂 Like the look of it! Anyone else have the theme song for the movie War Wagon running through their head?

    Any idea on the stats?

    • keltheos

      Both of which are ginormous models, much larger than what this will be.

      I’m not seeing an $85 value there. If it’s THAT good then it’s broken for a ‘standard’ WM game in the first place. Maybe WRATH is WM: Apocalypse.

      • Zac

        > If it’s THAT good then

        PP doesn’t do pricing based on game value like GW does.

        • Veritas

          I think that much is obvious if they think they can get away with charging $85 for a single solo. 😉

          • Starfury

            it’s not a solo -.-

    • PanzerKraken

      From the size of the base that they gave out, this is not that huge of a model especially compared to the Baneblade and Ork Stompa.

      This is a huge disappointment seeing as they are using Resin for this. Despite touching into plastics with some decent deals, PP prices have been getting very ugly.

      • Starfury

        And I can assume that you don’t buy any GW products because there prices a very very ugly for a long time now?
        Especially of the gw politc that you never ever be don with your army.

        • PanzerKraken

          When did I say GW prices are not ugly? Awful prices are awful no matter who puts it out, it’s sad to see the constant comparison between companies as a means of making something seem “ok”. It’s like the old days on the PP boards when any negative aspect of the game was brought up, it was always countered with “well it’s better than GW”.

  • evernevermore (John)

    Do we have dimensions on this thing?

    • BaconSlayer

      120mm is the same size as a cd, so you can get an idea from there.

  • $85 UDS is a bit much…. Though the price is ‘subject to change’ … I have to admit that even thought I can’t stand GW, the baneblade is actually good value in comparison.

    Now that said, at least people can still use this thing in regular games and it won’t be superseded by a rules change – meaning we won’t have to buy an updated version of the model (or ‘convert it’) to make it legal in future revisions of the rules.

  • cannondaddy

    I like the stowage on the rear. I wonder what the FA is…

    • Borzag

      Regardless of what the FA is, based on price alone I’m gonna assume everyone will treat it as “1” or “C”…

  • leaxe

    Those horses must eat something really special to be able to tow that huge thing…
    + carry their own armour…
    If they have warjacks, why is this thing not driving on its own?

  • Rich_B

    I must be a rarity as the price didn’t surprise me… Resin models are usually more expensive than metal. This is conservatively twice the size of most heavy jacks, and is mainly resin peppered liberally with metal. I always had it pegged somewhere around the £50gbp mark, and $85usd puts it at about £53gbp.

    You could ask why it hasn’t been done in plastic to reduce the price, however I doubt that they expect to shift enough units to make tooling and mould costs viable…

    Comparisons with the Baneblade and Stompa on price are pretty redundant. The GW offerings are mass produced plastic, can only be used in Apocalypse games which reduces the table time they see, are designed with lots of variants to hook you into buying lots of them, and rarely survive the first turn of a game – you’re lucky if they are still on the table in your first turn if your opponent goes first unless you are fielding three or more of them… Cost-wise you have already stumped up for 3,000 points or more of GW product so the £60gbp price tag is nothing for a centrepiece.

  • Morf

    I’m not surprised by the price either. The decision on how many people will buy it will be based on a couple of factors, one of them will be “Can I really leave the house w/o the carriage and still be competitive?”

  • blkdymnd

    One of the reasons I don’t play GW or PP anymore. both continue to price themselves out of my wallet. $85 is horrendous for a model that size and it should have gone plastic, they would have made money on the molds had they gone plastic with even a $49.99 price point. It’s why I play games like Morfs now. Very few models needed, and yet still high quality models, and I don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to stay competitive.

    And for those wondering how many will ‘actually buy these’… In PP and GW, you have enough rabid fanboys that they will buy anything, no matter the price, just because it’s produced by them. so unfortunately they will still turnover alot of these overpriced models to make it worth it.

    • Zac

      > In PP and GW, you have enough rabid fanboys that they will buy anything, no matter the price

      I think we can have discussions without having to resort to this sort of thing.

    • Agamemnon2

      I doubt a product this marginal could have been made in plastic in the first place. The additional design, the expensive tooling, (in Privateer’s case) the logistics costs of doing production in China, they all conspire the make plastics production a risky prospect.

  • GS_topcow

    The model doesnt do much for me… its always been a thing about WM and its setting, they have over complicated steam apparatus (fine by me!) but they dont have steam driven wheeled vehicles.

    Allegedly, this is because the landscape in Immoren is too rough for the technology, hence walkers are a better investment, they DO have the technology for wheeled motion, so why risk it? as tough and large as those horses are, they are vulnerable whilst pulling a lump of armour, even for khador standards this makes little sense, hence the model doesnt do it for me, its out of place…

    of course, in typical Khador fashion, it will be the ultimate artillery platform, able to shoot everywhere with some scatter, ruleswise, i dont know where they are heading, and i trust these guys, but not too happy about it so far…plus pricey is an understatement…


    • cybogoblin

      To be fair, only Khador and PoM have wheeled battle engines. PoM’s is pulled by hand, so it won’t be moving too quickly, while Khador’s looks like it’s been built to withstand the rigors of rough terrain.

      I think the logic behind Khador’s engine is that it is considerably cheaper and easier to build and considersably easier to maintain, not to mention it being able to operate independantly from a Warcaster. It makes complete sense for me from a fluff perspective, though I’m not too keen on the price tag either (works out at over NZ$150).

    • Osbad

      I thought they had steam trains? Or did I imagine that?

      • cybogoblin

        There are indeed steam trains in the IK. There’s even one on the cover of the IKRPG World Guide 🙂

        The problem with trains, though, is they’re a little limited with where they can travel, and you need to keep the fire stoked with coal in order to keep the thing running. When it’s horses pulling an armoured wagon you’ve only got to worry about steering and occasional feeding the horses some oats and water. Much more simple.

        • Osbad

          Well, steam lorries were entirely feasible at the turn of the last century, and really only got superceded by the diesel engine because the steam lorry needed a fireman as well as a driver, while the diesel lorry only needed a driver to operate and so was cheaper. (At least according to a programme I saw on the Discovery channel anyway 😉 ). I’d have thought an armoured steam tank would have been less vulnerable to being disabled by enemy fire than a couple of armoured horses… but that’s just my 2p. Its all fantasy anyway, so I don’t really object, it just doesn’t “ring true” with my own prejudices is all.

  • GS_topcow

    dunno, they have rails and steam enignes operated by people, this is a natural extrapolation of that fact… they should have steam driven cars.

    and also, even warjacks are not 100% Warcaster reliant, they function quite well without them, and non warcasters can be trained to work with jacks (jack marshalling) signaling them and yelling out commands (some military grade cortexes are smart enough to recongnize and carry out orders given by hand signals…)

    even khador has enough jacks and mechanics to mantain somehting of this sort, again, this is the type of thing that makes jacks less relevant to the game at times, why not create a monstrous jack?, even larger than the existing ones? it just doenst make much sense fluff wise, but agreeing to disagree i guess…

  • scarletsquig

    This is not expensive for PP, this is normal for PP.

    Everytime I’ve ever pointed out that “cost per model from PP is pretty much the same as GW”.. I always get someone making the counterpoint of “You need less figures so PP is cheaper than GW”.

    So, it doesn’t really surprise me that, with an individual model like this, people who hold the “PP is cheap” opinion would be shocked at the price since the large nature of it forces you to evaluate the price of it as a single model, and not as part of a larger whole.

  • Osbad

    That’s a whopping price for a pretty ugly looking model. I’m not sold on it at all, and generally I like the Khador motif.

    If I wanted to proxy a model I’d likely go for one of Ironclads lovely steam tanks, which are much better value, a similar size (assuming the base is the size of a CD) and a fraction of the price. I bought A Steam 5 Medium Tank a while back for a different game and I love it. It would look nice ina red paint scheme. Of course that doesn’t help those of you stuck in the “official models only” world of competitive tournaments, but I guess that’s the price you pay for needing “official” models.