Khador Gun Carriage master

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jan 12th, 2011

Photos of the master for the Warmachine Khador Gun Engine War Machine have been posted on DeviantArt by the sculptor.

  • oldsalt

    Though a fine looking sculpt/model. I’m gonna be the lone voice here saying I’m sad/upset/disappointed that PP has gone with resin models. Though I no longer play 40K I covet the hard plastic kits (units and vehicles). The GW kits are (mostly) lightweight, fun to put together, and full of extra bits and conversion possibilities. This contrasts PP, which continues to give it’s customers very few built options and models which are un-fun to put together. PP makes a great game and nice models- but it continues to be poor choice for hobbyists/collectors. (And In theory squanders a sizable chunk of possible sales to them)

    • Zac

      I can’t imagine that PP would ever sell enough of these engines to justify doing them in plastic

  • i prefer resin, it has some weight to it…. also if you loko at the link above, there is mention that it is a resin & metal model 🙂 (akin to the flames of war stuff?)