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Kettou: The Samurai Reflex Card Game Up On Kickstarter

A lot of us have played Egyptian Rat Screw (or ERS for short). For those that haven't, it's a game sort of like the card game War, but when two cards of the same number are played on top of one-another, the first person to slap the stack of cards get them. Well, fans of that game will want to check out Kettou, a card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

In Kettou, players are samurai in a duel to the death. 4 hit locations are placed in the center of the table. A 3rd player reads out one of the locations and the opposing players must slap the correct card on the table. If they're first, then their samurai deals damage to the opposing character. There are also Bushido Virtue Cards that can augment the battle. Cards are placed on the row and will come into play when a roll of 2d6 has you use that card.

The Kickstarter campaign's around 1/4 funded with still 27 days left.