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Kettou Samurai Reflex Game Back Up On Kickstarter

Companies using Kickstarter do well to listen to the people who are backing (or potentially backing) their projects. Sometimes the first time out of the gate, things aren't quite right. A smart company will alter their campaign as much as they can. And if that means stopping a campaign and restarting, so be it. That's just what Table Forged did with Kettou. They've relaunched with a lower goal, a clearer campaign page, and more videos.

In the game, players take on the role of historic samurai in a duel to the death. The game is reflex-based, as players much reach out and slap the cards in the middle in order to make their attacks. If you're a fan of the old game Egyptian Rat Screw, it's slightly like that. If your reflexes are the best and your tactics are true, you will stand triumphantly over your fallen foe.

The relaunched campaign's already about half-funded with still 30 days to go.