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Kerak Strategy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

I'm a fan of abstract strategy board games. I learned to play Chess back in grade school and would often play at lunch (that's not trying to brag. I was mediocre at it, at best). That love of such games has stuck with me. Well, now there could be a new game to add to the ranks in the form of Kerak. It's a little bit Checkers. It's a little bit Chess. It's a little bit Stratego. It's a little bit Country. It's a little bit Rock and Roll. It's also up on Kickstarter now.

The game is played on a hex grid-board. The pieces are set out on the first three rows, with different pieces able to move and attack in different ways (sort of like Chess). However, each piece can be set up anywhere on the first three rows, so you're not stuck with the same deployment each time. Players are looking to cross the board and capture the opponent's Castle (like Stratego and Chess). There's no random elements in the game. It's pure strategy. You vs your opponent.

The campaign just got underway and is set to run for the next 29 days.