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Kenzer & Co Releases Major Viking/Norse World-Setting with a Free Giveaway

Kenzer & Co. are giving away the first installment of their new Viking/Norse setting, the Blood-Clans of Jorikk. This new RPG setting takes players to a fantastical Scandinavian-inspired land where beards have magnificent braids, forests are dark, deep, and snow-covered, and when you'd like another cup of coffee, you smash the first one... or so I assume, anyway. Go check it out and read the first bits for free.

From the announcement:

Too long have pen-and-paper gamers gone without a worthy Nordic home wherein they may braid their beards (where applicable), sharpen their axes, and raise their horns to god-oath and ring-hoard. Too long have brave and lusty RPG’ers yearned without hope for a snow-hardened hall-land of gods and heroes, where bravery is measured in bloody deeds, and greatness immortalized in fame-song.

So do we venture into the remote Wilds of Jorikk, a vast wilderness of towering mountains, buckling glaciers, endless seas and sweeping boreal forests.

A dark land, cold and unforgiving, stirred up from the deep currents of the Old Norse. A place of trolls, dragons, sea-serpents, blood-feuds, ring-hoards, fierce gods, and indomitable wills expressed in lonely places.

It is a place of desperate heroism and grim tales lost to time. The perfect canvas upon which to carve an epic campaign of pen-and-paper gaming.