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Karwansaray Publishers New Store Locator For Their Magazines

Karwansaray Publishers, publishers of Medieval Warfare, Ancient Warfare, and Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, often get asked by customers where they can obtain a copy of one of their magazines locally:

From their post:

Since we're now distributing Ancient Warfare and WSS through Barnes & Noble in the U.S. and WH Smith in the U.K. (to name a few), the number of stores selling our products has grown enormously. To help readers find magazines in the nearest possible location, we've now implemented a store locator tool on each of our magazines' websites.

When you provide your address, city or postcode, our handy little app will show you all the stores closest to home and even provide directions, if needed.

To find nearby stores for each magazine, you can visit the pages shown below:

Some shops not included in the app also carry our magazines. If you run across a store that's not included in the map but carries our products, please send us an email. We'd be very grateful for your help.