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Karthun: Lands of Conflict up on Kickstarter

Exploding Rogue Studios has a Kickstarter campaign going for Karthun: Lands of Conflict, their new fantasy RPG setting.



From the campaign:

Karthun is a system-neutral setting for your campaign. Any system. Any table. All Karthun. It needs adventurers to walk its lands and explore its dungeons. It begs for discovery. This land, where Sehad the World Warden, patron of humanity has been murdered by Felicos the Betrayer, is on the brink of destruction. Nations squabble. People panic. The Age of Making, where six distant gods forged the world into a prosperous one has been scorched by the World Fire. Where six gods began, five now remain, though they are lost in divine obsessions and rivalries. Karthun sits at the edge of oblivion.