Kaosball previews Gabe, Tycho and Kutulu Ringers in Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 19th, 2013

Kaosball is showing off three more stretch goals over on Kickstarter, including Ringers for Gabe, Tycho and Kutulu.

From the update:

The team over at Penny Arcade were cool enough to let Gabe and Tycho play Kaosball (all this while in the midst of what sounds like a massive office move).

Jerry “Tycho” Holkins worked with Eric so their powers are unique and reflect the odder aspects of both Gabe and Tycho.

So, if we hit these stretch goals, all KBL Passholders get these ringers free, and they’ll only be available here and at conventions / PAX!

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  • PanzerKraken

    Oh I hope they rip off a bunch of movie characters and put them in the game too.

    • blkdymnd

      They’re on the right pace. They’ve got zombies and Penny Arcade done. I’m guessing the Firefly team will be next up. Sigh…

  • nova3k

    This is incredibly dumb. They saw the overwhelming success of Dreadball using the PA guys, and thought that if they copied the exact same paradigm they would capitalize on that as well. I’m really really really getting sick of cmon. It’s one of those companies that really does not need kickstarter, yet they use it because it’s a powerful marketing tool.

    • Bewulf

      Actually CMON got there before Mantic. Zombicide (happening a few months before Dreadball) had the Cardboardtube Samurai and Relic Knights (happing slighty before/at the same time as Dreadball) had Tycho and Gabe.
      So seeing PA characters in CMON Kickstarters is hardly surprising or new.

      Can not disagree about your other point though. Of course they have been using Kickstarter as a marketing/glorified preorder tool right from the start.

      • Ghool

        There’s nothing wrong with using it as a marketing tool, or a glorified pre-order system.
        It allows for more efficient use of funding, and they can easily gauge the interest level for each game without wasting resources or funding.

        If you don’t like their games, or reasons for using Kickstarter, nobody’s forcing you to pledge for anything they make.

        • Bewulf

          I do not think that I have said anything about right or wrong. 😉

          Personally I view using Kickstarter to give a project more commercial success than it would have without Kickstarter as quite a valid reason to use Kickstarter.

          There are two different questions here, both with very simple answers.

          Should they use Kickstarter? They would be dumb not to.
          Do they need Kickstarter to bring those games out? Certainly not (though I believe it would take more time).

    • grimbergen

      Not sure what you’re using to gauge cmon as a company that does not need to use KS. They have a number of wildly successful KS projects, but of the ones that actually were delivered, only the original zombicide seems to be a hit so far. Sedwar is a big flop that went on clearance sales weeks after it went retail. Guilds of Cadwallon doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either.

      This is just my assumption but I doubt they’re anywhere near FFG in being able to self fund high production value boardgames. If KS is not your cup of tea then look at the wonderful success of P500 projects for even successful companies like GMT… games take years to get funded if ever, and good luck with reprints after the first run.

      • Bewulf

        To nail it down one one point?

        Fake funding goals.

        CMON sets the funding goals for their Kickstarters at less than 10% of the actual costs. Which means they are ready to pay over 90% out of their own pocket if worse comes to worst and a project funds with the minimum amount of money possible. And if you already have over 90% of the money needed for a project I would dare to say that you do not “need” Kickstarter to make that project a reality.

        • grimbergen

          Even if what you say is true that their funding goal is 10% of actual costs, unless you have visibility into their books, how can you make any assumption they actually have the cash to cover the rest?

          What if they are in a situation that they actually needed the rest to be crowd funded, such as a bank’s requirements for fronting the loan — that’s just a wild guess on my part but again unless you know the full scope of their financials it’s as good as your view.

          If other first time self published boardgame projects have the same funding goals (or sometimes even less than CMON for equivalent size games), then I fail to see your point also unless you’re one of those haters that sees no point in KS at all.

          But maybe you are talking about everyone, however I think it’s a stretch to say just because you have 90% of costs covered you automatically can reach 100% easily on your own.

          • Bewulf

            Hey, I am only going by what Chern Ann Ng (Co-Owner of CMoN) has said in interviews, so either it is true or Chern Ann Ng lies (or is misquoted in interviews).

            Now getting a certain amount of crowdfunding to get the remaining money from other investors could be quite possible (see Star Citizen), but in this case the question would be “Why do they ‘need’ to keep doing this after the huge success of the Zombicide Kickstarter?”.

            Again, please let me stress that I do not question if they ‘should’ be using Kickstarter, the question is if it is their only viable option to get these games on the market.

            I can not really comment on other projects unless you tell me their names, but I recall that we have been seeing, let’s say, unrealistic funding goals mostly after the successes of the CMoN Kickstarters, as other companies tried to copy their formula.

            And I certainly spend to much money on Kickstarter/Crowdfunding to hate it or see no point it, but that will not keep me from viewing every project with a critical eye.

          • Can you link to these interviews for me?

          • Bewulf

            There have been quite a lot, but most interesting should probably be this short one on Wired:
            and this video interview:

  • skullking

    For me,

    The problem isn’t so much that CMoN uses kickstarter for selling games, as I think it works well for them, but also brings in more people to the site who will end up funding other, smaller, projects. I think CMoN has held back some of their bigger properties (so far anyway), such as Confrontation and Super Dungeon Explore (yes I know Relic Knight had some of these guys in it, but as a KS unto itself, there isn’t one), simply because it doesn’t need Kickstarter to get them going.

    What I don’t like about the whole thing is using the Penny Arcade guys to Promote ANYTHING. I’m not saying they’re terrible people, I know they run a great couple of Cons, and have done lots of charitable events, but I just don’t think they’re funny. hence, when a kickstarter has them in it like this, I feel as though they’ve ‘jumped the shark’ on ideas. Perhaps the new term should be that they’ve ‘PA’d’ it.