Kaosball passes $200k, unlocks Kutulu, previews Gojira and new teams

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 27th, 2013

Kaosball has passed the $200k mark on Kickstarter and therefore unlocked the Kutulu ringer for the game. They’re showing off the next upcoming ringer, Gojira, as well as some new teams.

From the update:

Gojira has chased Mr Awesome all the way from distant shores! It doesn’t help to be speedy if there’s no where to go…. time to face the terrible might of Gojira!

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  • Cross

    I really don’t think using the original pronunciation of godzilla is a good way to avoid copyright issues.

    CMON should probably know better too. With the zombicide sculpts that were too close to movie characters to actually be released, you’d have thought they’d have figured out exactly how to cash in on other peoples IP safely by now.

    • PanzerKraken

      They don’t care, their fans eat this crap up.

      • Ghool

        It’s done as parody, and when something is done as parody, there are no repercussions as far as copyright infringement goes.

        CMON knows they won’t get sued. The worst that can happen is they might be forced to change the look of the copyrighted models slightly.

        But, I don’t care either way. Because I backed it.
        It looks pretty fun, actually.

        • Bewulf

          Parody? How so? I fail to see how this comments in any way on the original work.

          Apart from that isn’t Godzilla old enough to be unprotected anyway?

          • Cross

            Wearing a basketball strip = parody? Probably not.

            As far as being too old, I found this on wikipedia: “The Gojira(a ship) was renamed MV Brigitte Bardot in May 2011 after complaints of copyright infringement by the owners of the “Gojira” copyright.”

          • Bewulf

            Mhh, the wikipedia article about the MV Brigitte Bardot talks about “unauthorized use of the trademark”, which is different from copyright infringement.
            Also just because someone sends a letter saying “We own this” doesn’t mean they actually have the rights.

  • estrus

    Personally I’d love to paint it up for $hit$ and giggles, but it’s not possible to cherry pick the minis.

  • jedijon

    Does each team really only have 2 sculpts???

    • Gallahad

      As far as I can tell, yes. Maybe 3 if you include the bust?